From Am Law 200 firms to early-stage startups, employers partner with us to deliver exceptional legal talent.


VOYlegal helps law firms enhance their attorney resources through the acquisition of lateral junior to senior associates, individual counsel and partners and practice groups.

We learn the unique qualities and character of our client firms and gain an understanding of the firm's culture, staffing protocol and financial and management structures in order to identify the best and most appropriate candidates. When a client need arises, our recruitment process involves intensive consultation with the client so that we may knowledgeably and persuasively communicate the benefits offered by their firm to our network of supremely credentialed attorneys.


VOYlegal provides access to qualified legal talent not otherwise available to corporate hiring decision makers.

Skilled lawyers who meet the exacting standards required by sophisticated in-house practices often do not pursue new opportunities directly. Many attorneys are concerned about issues of confidentiality or are unfamiliar with the practice, structure and intangible cultural characteristics of many corporate organizations.

We at VOYlegal use our network and resources to educate qualified attorneys about specific corporate opportunities and to advise them on the impact of those opportunities on their careers. Our recruitment process identifies the attorneys best suited to our in-house clients' needs and directs those attorneys effectively.


We place an emphasis on helping employers attract, retain and capitalize on diverse lateral and in-house talent.

Founded by diverse former law firm associates, and as members of several affinity-group professional and alumni associations, we understand the unique perspectives and concerns of attorneys on all sides of the diversity equation.

We help our clients navigate these unique perspectives, effectively communicating their needs and merits to diverse attorneys, and reaching the widest possible spectrum of talented candidates.


VOYlegal clients recieve complementary access to our innovative suite of online research tools, including

- Customized job market reports
- Lateral movement statistics
- Access to our network of attorneys
Identify your target attorneys and we'll bring them to you

Along with easy-to-use communication tools, our online research resources help our clients make informed and efficient decisions when looking to build their legal teams.


As former practicing attorneys who have made our own career transitions, we understand the sensitivities surrounding the career search process. We guarantee that we will never disclose your information, documents, identity or any identifying information to any client or third party without your express consent.